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Single & Unavailable?

That Question Makes Me Laugh

When we all think of single life in terms of relationships people usually have two views on the matter. One they feel sorry for the person because they think they are lonely, sad, and depressed about not having someone. Second, they either secretly envy them because it’s like freedom. The freedom not to have to answer to anyone about where you are going, the freedom of not having to check in all the time, and the freedom to just get up and go do anything your heart desires. It is your time to shine, go out and be social, date around, test the waters, and see what’s out there all while having the time of your life supposedly.

Aren't We Having A Good Time Isn't That Enough

Are You Available

Normally when your single out there in the world meeting new people the question are you available doesn’t seem to be a thing that you would hear especially if you have stated that yes you are single. It’s a question that had me thinking what as well how do you mean am I available?

We interact with other people to get to know them, see if we have the same interest and likes, party with the people that make us laugh, and wonder if that person across the way is interested in me enough to potential start a relationship with. That is usually the end game of being single, so to throw that type of question at someone is to know that there can be levels to the single life of relationships.

Unavailable and single can mean:

1. Not Currently In A Serious Relationship With Anyone

2. Not Dating Anyone

3. Not Seeing Anyone

4. Not Hooking Up With Anyone

5. Not Talking To Anyone Romantically

6. Not Even Thinking About Anyone In Particular

Enjoying The Single Life Partying And Meeting New People

The Single Life

You are just single and are enjoying being single. People can be single and just be focusing on themselves without the annoyance sometimes of oh I need to text or call this person back. Without worrying about making plans for the day to meet someone as your focus is on yourself. It can be that a person who is single is trying out new hobbies, venturing out to start a business, or if they have kids to just focus on their kids until they are ready to truly get back into a relationship.

Taking The Time To Do What I Want

Unavailable Check

A relationship takes time, patience, compromise, communication, commitment, and love to truly work, so if your single and know that you can’t give your all to that person then yes you can be single and unavailable. You might physically not be with anyone, but you are committed to something else that has all your time leaving no room for anyone else to come in and disturb that new found drive in whatever project that has your heart now. Being single and unavailable is not a bad thing it just means as of right now a serious relationship is not in the picture, but down the road that door will be wide open ready to embrace the one coming down that path to then start a new chapter with together. Enjoy your single and unavailable status as you can still have fun with friends, family, and randos at the bar.

Bar Time Break Have A Drink And Get Back To You

That’s My Take Until Next Time

Mel B 😊

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