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New Beau & A Lingering Ex

New Love Is Everything! Being Together Is A Joy Come Through!

The excitement of being in a new relationship makes us all feel like the birds are singing just for us every day, that life is beautiful, and that the world is such an amazing place. We are all ready to show off our new beau to our friends, family, and post like crazy on social media.

Time to update our status, plan future trips together, and imagine how cute our babies would be all those wonderful thoughts. Yet, what about when your new beau comes with a lingering ex that just doesn’t want to go away?

We Just Have A Good Time Together

Just Friends

This could be a potential problem to your great relationship. It makes you uneasy to see that ex still coming around when they are not even together anymore. Is there something else going on here, does your new beau still have feelings for the ex, or is the ex the one trying to hold on and get them back?

These questions arise and you confront your beau about your concerns only to be told that they are just still cool that’s all and nothing more. That there are no romantic feelings left, and it was a mutual decision to break up as they were better off as friends. Definitely not something any of us wants to hear from our new beau as you wonder if that statement is really true just better off as friends now.

Enjoying The Day Out Wondering If I Can Shake The Ex Off

Won’t Go Away

How would you handle the ex-showing up everywhere you and your beau are spending time together? Them being friends and the family still adores them. At family events there is the ex, hanging out with their friends the ex-shows up too, strolling around town and you run into the ex-again how much is too much at this point.

Even more so now you start to believe that the ex is lingering because they do want your beau back. They are just waiting for the right time to make their move again. All the while your new beau doesn’t think anything of it and thinks you’re just being insecure about their friendship.

Is This Relationship Real Or Not

Hang In There or Move On

The ex being around is making the relationship uncomfortable, and you feel that it is stopping the relationship from really moving forward. The constant remembers when we use to comments, or no they like this better, or you really don’t know them yet snide remarks can only go so far before you question this relationship.

Should you stay and really get to know your new beau better and let them understand that having their ex around is not acceptable. That this so-called friendship of theirs is not healthy to our new relationship.

If your beau can’t understand where you’re coming from or is not even willing to let their ex know that they need to stop coming around, then is that the deal-breaker is it time to move on from this you thought oh so great new relationship.

A lingering ex I do believe to be an issue in a relationship that is stating off, or even one that has been going strong for awhile because there is always the potential of a slide back meaning getting back with the ex that they are still cool with. Even if the relationship ended with no animosity there still needs to be boundaries that both need to live by, and they need to go live their own lives separately. If they can’t do that then they are probably not done with each other so watch out before it’s too late.

That’s My Take Until Next Time

Mel B 😊

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