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Finding Love in the Summertime

Updated: May 15, 2019

Summer is approaching and it's only fair to say that every summer plan is already pre-booked, and bags are half way packed. The beaches will be jammed with the hottest summer music and beach parties, house parties will be packed with laughter and chill, hottest destination summer locations will be nights to remember. This is the time of year every women and man have casual hookups and or find it more optimizing to finally make their move on the person they’ve been eyeing for a while now. Summertime is always a good time and we can't help but to do fun and silly things creating memories, ones to remember.

According to Statista.com, 2017-18 there are between 24-45 percent of both single men and women in America. With these numbers that leave plenty of opportunity for casual hookups. Now we all know having a fling or two often isn't bad. According to sources, this kind of hookup can create a lasting relationship, as it allows for no pressure and chemistry to build. Because as we know people today are changing the rule and incorporating exactly what works best for them. As summer approaches and we decide rather we want to remain single and not lower our standards, or we just say F*ck it and make it count and go on the prowl because you feel it’s your time. Whatever you choose, know your heart won’t lead you wrong. Trust it.


· When Kissing your more likely to turn your head right

· People who blush are more likely to be monogamous

· When you love someone, our entire bodies tend to warm up

· Love, at first sight, is not a myth: it's science!

· When you’re in love; it’s like a drug

· A broken heart is a real thing according to research, (Broken Heart Syndrome)

· According to scientist eye contact gives a strong precursor to love

Let’s remember that no matter if we are single and looking to be in a relationship, know the signs of love and go for it. Love is a beautiful thing and should be experienced by everyone. Your true love is available and waiting.

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