About Us

TAKE2SIPS is a product and service brand currently ranging from Podcasting, an E-Commerce business (T2Sline), a Blog, and our S&M Services established since 2018 by two friends Melissa Baker and Sha’Laya Sheffield. The brand has definitely grown and is growing among men and women nationally and internationally. TAKE2SIPS is a brand cultivated, built, and designed with every aspect of the human species in mind.  Our belief is that each has a voice, soul, mind, and spirit. From that mindset T2S was developed.  It is a brand that is strongly built with two friends who understands the world we are living in and just what it takes to stand, survive, and be heard.


Together Melissa and Sha’Laya have created a platform where a persons’ voice(s) can be heard, a place where people can come together and feel free in an unbiased judge free space. All while giving an ear to hear just what it is that one has going on no matter the issue, pressure or concern.  This platform is known as Podcasting.  Today TAKE2SIPS Podcast is on all major streaming platforms including top choices such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, TuneIn, Sticher, Soundcloud, Google Podcast, and Castbox to name a few.  As growth has developed in a short amount of time, an E-Commerce business was created showcasing just who and what we are under our T2S brand. While on the other side of things our S&M Services caters to our consulting and event planning. Our motto is “Our World, Your World, One Voice, Two Ears,” so we also strive to give back when we can to a charity that helps with addictions and homelessness.  Every avenue showcases the different ways we want to bring our world, your world together by letting our voices be heard no matter the channel we use. To be a voice for the voiceless creating a place for all to come and show their creativity in the process. As we continue to grow and expand our business we are always keeping our motto in mind; therefore, no matter what TAKE2SIPS does there will always be a reminder of where we started, where we are headed, and most importantly to continue to find better ways to help as many people as we can with our services and products to better enrich, uplift, and make things easier for our customers/clients along the way.

Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CEO

Melissa Baker

Started off working in small office positions in varies companies, and later worked my way up in the corporate world. Had many experiences working in different industries from retail, food, sales, insurance, numerous office positions, consulting, and in the hospitality field which has all lead to the start of running this business. The skills, mentors, and all the supporting people who have been in my life at one time or another has given me all the tools I need to move forward in this chapter in my life. 

I have always been a visionary. I knew it was time to see my visions through; and with this platform let my voice be heard, put my know hows to good use to assist others on their journeys, and let my creative side offer and create new ways for people to achieve their goals or ease their burdens with our services. 

Sha'Laya Sheffield

Sha'Laya is co-founder and CEO of Take2sips, bringing over 14 years of sales and customer service with different software, tech, and development of both real and multi-family properties of companies both small and large.  With my many years of creative research and sales, I've had the opportunity to work with many CEOs on projects saving them millions of dollars.  Being among many fortunate opportunities it's allotted me to learn the necessary tools to be able to withstand running a company.  With my brain constantly running and ideas constantly flowing it has led me to be able to work in a few other fields such as the fashion and Entertainment business.  Being able to save clients' money as well as bring their vision to life is a passion of mines.  Just like I've done for high fashion designers in many fashion shows. On one project alone from start to finish, there has been an average of over $10,000 of savings per show.  Having such demanding work at times bring me back to understanding just how and why I went to school to obtain my bachelor's degree in psychology.


Being around clients you start to realize the demanding needs of everyone individually.  Knowing just how passionate as well as meticulous persons are about what they want, has led me down the path of facilitating issues among clients.  Having a consulting business gives me the ability to use my resources along with creative thinking to move the action forward. I believe my skills and connections justify just that. I too along with my partner am a visionary and every person I come across I make a connection within some way form or fashion. Life is all about connections.  So, let us be your channel to all your "know how's" as we bring joy and try to make life a little easier. Hello and Welcome all to Take2sips!